The story behind Seb & Flatsome

From graphic design to WordPress

With a background in graphic design and art direction I like to solve problems with design. Through my internships I got introduced to the web, creating my first website layout back in 2002 with only Photoshop, HTML and CSS.

Hello WordPress

With the uprising of WordPress I got a chance to create websites with dynamic content and use pre-made templates. Building websites faster, more responsive and accesible for my clients.

Seb and Flatsome

With my first purchase of the Flatsome theme in 2015 I created my first Woocommerce webshop. Functionalities were still very basic, with no UX Builder available at the time. But the theme was much more sophisticated than all the other templates I used. And it was fast! Really fast.

At a certain point I decided to only work with Flatsome for all my website projects. Learning all the ins and outs to convert any custom design in to a Flatsome website.

Teaching Flatsome

I became such a fan of Flatsome that I started teaching other webdesigners and business people on how to use Flatsome. Creating YouTube videos and organising private / group workshops in both the Netherlands and Spain.

My library Flatelements

During the years I worked with Flatsome I started to reusing my elements and page layouts. This made me create Flatelements, an online library of my Flatsome creations available for other Flatsome users. In 1 year more than 800 members joined and finally the libary got acquired by UX Themes.

Designer for UX Themes

I am proud to say that currently I am working as a designer for UX Themes. They are the founder of Flatsome and UX Builder. It’s my mission to support and inspire web and e-commerce professionals using the Flatsome theme and UX Builder plugin.

Thank you for reading my story.

Seb de la Web
– Inspiring you to inspire others