Voug: A exclusive jewelry webshop build with Flatsome Theme

This portfolio entry showcases Voug’s exceptional design work for a contemporary online furniture shop. Collaborating closely with our valued client, we crafted a tailor-made, brand-centric web store, leveraging the capabilities of WooCommerce and the Flatsome Theme.


UI / UX Redesign Branding


Why Flatsome Theme was the Perfect Match for Our Client’s Web Store?

Our objective was to facilitate an outstanding online shopping journey, and we discovered that Flatsome Theme was the optimal solution. Its intuitive UX Builder and comprehensive e-commerce functionalities made it the ideal tool for our client to efficiently run their online store. Flatsome is designed for simplicity and speed, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for patrons.

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WooCommerce: The Top-Tier E-Commerce Solution

To enhance our client’s online performance, we incorporated WooCommerce, a powerful and dependable e-commerce platform. It assures a seamless and secure shopping process, providing features such as straightforward product management, secure payment methods, and swift order handling.

Bespoke Product Pages to Highlight Jewelry

Our goal was to showcase each product in a unique light. As such, we designed eye-catching, custom product pages using the dynamic capabilities of Flatsome Theme. These tailored pages highlight the unique features and specifics of each item, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced Shopping Experience: Custom Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

To enrich the shopping experience and provide more choices, we implemented custom variation swatches for product selection. This feature allows customers to effortlessly choose different product patterns, hues, or sizes directly from the product page, simplifying their shopping journey.

Distinct Branding and Design for Our Client

Our committed team at Voug created an entrancing branding package tailored exclusively for our client. We fashioned an impressive logo, chose suitable colors, and matched a typeface to solidify a strong brand presence in the competitive door supply industry.

Precision-Driven: Custom Web Design using Figma

To enable a frictionless user experience, we meticulously designed a custom web layout using Figma. This facilitated the creation of user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing layouts, and stunning product displays. The outcome is a website that not only exhibits our client’s diverse product range but also delivers a delightful user experience.

Superior Customer Support with Typeform

Recognizing the value of top-notch customer support, we embedded Typeform into our client’s website. This interactive form tool provides an accessible platform for customers to ask questions and make inquiries, allowing our client to deliver efficient and personalized customer service.

At Voug, we’re thrilled to have collaborated with our client to develop a stylish, user-friendly online door store using Flatsome. If you’re contemplating enhancing your online visibility and e-commerce functionalities, Voug is merely a message away!

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“The transformation that Seb implemented was far and away the biggest and most impactful change the site has ever had. The site looks and feels cleaner and simpler.”

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