Yellow Bubble

Yellow Bubble: A Stylish Furniture Webshop Built with Flatsome Theme

Portfolio showcasing the webdesign work we did for Yellow Bubble, a trendy furniture webshop! We teamed up with this amazing client to create a completely customized and branded online store using WooCommerce and the Flatsome Theme.


UI / UX Redesign Branding


Why Choose Flatsome Theme for Your Furniture Webshop?

In our quest to create an unparalleled online shopping journey, we found the Flatsome Theme to be the perfect fit. Its intuitive UX Builder and superior e-commerce features made it the best choice for Yellow Bubble to manage their online store with ease. Flatsome isn’t only user-friendly but also incredibly fast, allowing customers to smoothly browse and purchase their favorite furniture items.


WooCommerce: A Superior E-Commerce Solution

To facilitate Yellow Bubble’s online operations, we incorporated WooCommerce, a highly dependable and powerful e-commerce platform. This integration guarantees a safe and smooth shopping journey for customers, with functionalities like straightforward product management, secure payment options, and prompt order processing.

Highlighting Unique Furniture with Tailored Product Pages

Our goal was to let each furniture item stand out. So, we developed beautiful and personalized product pages using the advanced features of the Flatsome Theme. These tailored product pages emphasize the individual features and details of each item, aiding customers in making informed buying decisions.

More Options, Greater Experience: Custom Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

To enrich the shopping journey and provide customers with more choices, we incorporated custom variation swatches for product selections. This functionality lets customers effortlessly select different colors, sizes, or materials directly from the product page, simplifying the purchasing process.

Distinct Branding and Design Exclusively for You

Our team at Seb de la Web designed an engaging branding package exclusively for Yellow Bubble. This included an appealing logo, carefully chosen colors, and a matching typeface to establish a robust brand presence in the competitive furniture industry.

Meticulously Crafted: Custom Web Design using Figma

In order to provide a flawless user experience, we meticulously designed a custom web layout using Figma. This enabled us to develop easy-to-navigate, visually appealing layouts, and striking product displays. The outcome is a website that not only highlights Yellow Bubble’s furniture collection but also provides a pleasant browsing experience for their customers.

Effortless Support and Queries with Typeform

Understanding the crucial role of exceptional customer support, we integrated Typeform into Yellow Bubble’s website. This interactive form solution provides a user-friendly platform for customers to ask their questions and queries, enabling Yellow Bubble to offer efficient and personalized assistance.

At Seb de la Web, we are proud of our collaboration with Yellow Bubble in creating a stylish and user-friendly furniture e-store with Flatsome. If you’re looking to improve your online presence and boost your e-commerce functionality, get in touch with Seb de la Web today!


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“Working with Seb to create my new website was an amazing experience! From start to finish, the process was simple and quick. Seb understood my vision and delivered a webshop that exceeded my expectations. The website looks incredibly clean and is easy to navigate. I am obsessed with the final result! I highly recommend working with Seb for any web design needs.”

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