Flatsome Theme 3.18 update – Complete Walkthrough

Here’s everything you need to know about latest update Flatsome 3.18 Check out my quick Video Walkthrough to discover over 40+ awesome new features in just 30 minutes.


Flatsome 3.18 update is finally here! In this complete walkthrough video, we will discuss the latest update release and explore all the new features that have been included like the free shipping notification, Pjax functionality, color eyedropper tool and much more. So sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to make the most out of this amazing update! Enjoy!

Free shipping

•NEW: Mini cart: Free shipping bar option.
•NEW: Cart: Free shipping bar option.
•NEW: Checkout: Free shipping bar option.


•NEW: Mini cart: Quantity input (ajax-driven) option.
•NEW: Mini cart: Empty cart icon & return to shop button.
•NEW: Mini cart drawer: Show cross-sells option.
•NEW: Mini cart drawer: Sticky footer option.
•NEW: Option to set Off-canvas / Drawer width.
•NEW: Option to set Off-canvas Cart Drawer width.


•NEW: Single product gallery type option (slide, fade).
•NEW: Shop catalog ordering enable/disable option.
•NEW: Shop catalog result count enable/disable option.

Pjax functionality

•NEW: Debuting tailored Pjax functionality. Facilitates ajax-driven navigation & filtering (optional).
•NEW: Shop archive: AJAX for product category widget, filter widgets & sorting (optional).
•NEW: Scroll to the top after pjax navigation option.
•NEW: Added advanced menu section ‘Content Delivery’.
•NEW: Blog pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX).
•NEW: WooCommerce pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX/Infinite scroll).
•NEW: Blog posts element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next).


•NEW: Blog posts element pagination alignment.
•NEW: Blog posts element pagination ID and Class field.
•NEW: Blog posts element pagination position.
•NEW: Products element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next).
•NEW: Products element pagination alignment.
•NEW: Products element pagination ID and Class field.
•NEW: Products element pagination position.

Accordion + Tabs

•NEW: Custom accordion anchor.
•NEW: Custom tab anchors.
•NEW: FAQ schema support to accordions, for improving SEO and search result visibility (optional).

Maintenance mode
•NEW: Maintenance mode: Body class.
•NEW: Maintenance mode: Bypass by key.
•NEW: Maintenance mode: Exclude by role (default).


•NEW: Builder: Color Eyedropper tool for effortless screen color picking.
•NEW: Lottie scroll action type option (seek, play, playOnce).
•NEW: Option to display WhatsApp among the Header Contact fields.
•NEW: Select theme colors in the Block Editor.
•NEW: Smoother theme scroll-to animation.
•NEW: Title link rel option.
•NEW: Title link target option.
•NEW: UX Blocks admin category filter and column.
•NEW: Added 2 header block slots.
•NEW: Bullet list cross icon.
•NEW: X (social media) icon.
•NEW: X follow link option.
•NEW: X share link option.

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