Flatsome Theme + UX Builder

If I build a website or webshop for your organization, I do that with WordPress and one specific template: Flatsome. Make use of my service package and get much more out of your website.

Why Flatsome?

Because Flatsome is the very best, most versatile and most user-friendly template for us. The template is also in the Top 10 of best-selling WordPress templates. That a good thing, because that is why the template is constantly being developed. That means that Flatsome is always as up-to-date as possible.

Up-to-date, safe and fast

Flatsome is optimized for the construction of websites, webshops, blogs, multiple languages and so on. Molt supports you with monthly updates, informative workshops and free screencasts so you can get even more out of this user-friendly template.

Seb & Flatsome

I’ve been working with Flatsome for more than 5 years. A happy marriage. Through this experience I know all the possibilities that this template offers us. And did you know that I am nominated 3 times for the most beautiful website built with Flatsome?

Flatsome License
$ 59
Flatsome Service
€ 10 p/m